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David Finney

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© David Finney 2016


Re-named 'Adrian' by the patrons of GeckoRouge; one of my most popular cross-stitch designs at www.geckorouge.co.uk/david-finney-30-c.asp

...and the 3 Bears

Commissioned from photographs taken at the Welsh Mountain Zoo. Do you have a favourite snap you'd like me to convert to an original painting?



Sold at the Association of Animal Artists annual exhibtion at Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham, Cheshire   WA6 6SE

Animal Gallery

Some of my own personal favourite paintings of other animals.

Click on an image to see an enlargement.

Old Brock

I now tend to paint larger animals, often in bolder strokes, on canvas. I find a quality paper, tho, more suitable for really fine detail.


From my series of 'African Heads'

Silver and Grey


The contrasting of light and dark areas – chiaroscuro – is a favourite technique of mine. Hence the SilverBirch in my own backgarden keeps appearing in my work!

Up Periscope

One of my first splattery canvases, blending the animal in with it's natural habitat.

Sold at NEWA 2012.


Media exercise; let's see just what these acrylics can do... from a photograph by Steve Bloom, with special permission.


Sold at ‘AnimalEarth’ exhibition, Willington, Cheshire 2012.

Gorilla - by David Finney ...and the three bears - by David Finney Funky - by David Finney King - by David Finney Old Brock - by David Finney Silver & Grey - by David Finney Chimpanzee - by David Finney Up Periscope - by David Finney Anubis - by David Finney