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David Finney

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© David Finney 2016

Avocets by David Finney

Black Throated  Diver

Painted for an exhibition I organised in 2014 at the Wildlfowl and Wetlands Trust headquarters, Slimbridge.


Original painting sold at the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art.

Birds photographed at WWT Slimbridge.

Bird Gallery

Some of my own personal favourite bird paintings, now in private collections.

Click on an image to see an enlargement.


One of ‘Four seasons of Robins’ designed as plates for Danbury Mint.

Up a GumTree

From a photograph taken in our daughter's former garden in Sydney.

In the Gloamin'

A good example of  combining several reference photographs to attain the final image.


Bearded Tits?

Neither ‘bearded’ nor ‘tits’ at all but, in fact, moustachioed reedlings!

Terracotta Wren

Still available as a card at

The Romansleigh collection

BT (Nouveau) Diver by David Finney


'Simon's Swan'; based on a photograph taken by my brother-in-law.

Mute by David Finney Up a Gum Tree by David Finney Autumn by David Finney In the Gloamin' by David Finney Terracotta Wren by David Finney Reedlings by David Finney

Bathing Crane

A new, looser style specifically for Image Design

Bathing Crane by David Finney