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David Finney

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© David Finney 2016


One of my early designs for the Romansleigh Collection.

We 3 King Penguins

Used as a Christmas card for the homeless charity 'Shelter'


One of three penguins used as wrapping paper design for WWF

Fir, Falling Snow

I have lots of ideas for Robins and for Penguins.

For Christmas!

Rosie and the Wand

Cover of children's book self-published by Nick Cooper

Hungry Horatio the Shortsighted Goat

I was given carte blanche by Lynne Bradbury to illustrate  her poem for young children

Hyperion and Goblin

One of these characters (from Rosie and the Wand) is a self-portrait


for Carrot Soup

from 'Hungry Horatio'

Illustrations Gallery

Illustrations for books and seasonal greetings cards

Click on an image to see an enlargement.

At the Window

One of my favourite designs from a long association with Gibson Greetings.

Coconut - by David Finney We 3 King Penguins - by David Finney At the Window - by David Finney Fir, Falling Snow - by David Finney Crevass - by David Finney Rosie and the Wand - by David Finney Hyperion and Goblin - by David Finney Hungry Horatio the Shortsighted Goat - by David Finney Ingredients (for carrot soup) - by David Finney


‘Penguin Suit’ is a set of penguin designs, available with or without captions at portfolioselect.co

Gordon Giltrap

with his specifically designed 'FretKing GG'.

Not quite wildlife, but available as a print.



One of 3 Christmas cards designed for the musician's Benevolent Fund in recent years

Gordon Giltrap - by David Finney Trousers - by David Finney Choir - by David Finney